Hellens Manor. A proper heritage eccentric.

A visit to Hellens, a Jacobean manor house in Herefordshire, was such a delight and produced so many pictures, I felt a blog was the thing.

To start. Some serious door knockers.


The toilets were a mini-museum in their own right.


Impressive architecture. Also a big ginger cat.


Textiles feature large. In paintings, on the floor, on the beds, and framed as art.



Hellens has a varied collection, paintings by famous painters (many given as gifts to family members), personal objects (old and not-so-old), unusual and miscellaneous items collected from antique shops in this country and others. A taster follows.

Proper feather shuttlecocks of blue and white.


A quite disturbing reliquary.


A selection of things that caught my eye as “very museum”. A cabinet of curiosity, containing personal objects of family significance. A little collection of shells on a bedroom dressing table. A botany book with the fabulous handwritten label, “Forgive us, please, for asking you not to touch this book as it is very worn – so sorry”. Lovely.


This somewhat surprising ceiling was the result of, “the boys messing around in the 60s”. Yeah. Messing…


Fabulous tooled and painted leatherwork wall coverings. Somewhat the worse for wear, but gaining aesthetic interest with that.


We were allowed to sit on most of the seats. Unless (as per tradition)… teasels.


I enjoyed this unapologetic cellar door repair.


In addition to the cat, there were a number of unexpected creatures. I especially liked the topiary dogs (?) and the giraffe tapestry (made by a French prisoner we were told).


More about Hellens. I recommend a visit.


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3 Responses to Hellens Manor. A proper heritage eccentric.

  1. Ruth Singer says:

    Marvellous place! Thanks for reminding me how wonderful it is.

  2. ruth singer says:

    It looks like it hasn’t changed in the 20+ years since I’ve been there! Wonderful. Pondering going next week and I think you have persuaded me!

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