My thoughts. New Border? New Boss? #indyref

1603. This happened.

James I

King James the First Uniting England and Scotland, Paul Rubens, 1632-33. ©Birmingham Museums Trust.

1706. This happened.


Treaty of Union, 1706.

18 September 2014. This might happen.

Maddy Burrows. Scottish Independence Student Art

©Maddy Burrows, 2014.

BTW. More fabulous images by students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee on the #indyref theme here.

At Primary School the following messages where drilled into me:

Second World War = Bad
Europe united = Good

I got older.
Europe got bigger.
The Berlin Wall came down.

Bowie At Berlin WallDavid Bowie at the Berlin Wall (just because)

The Euro was introduced. I travelled through three countries using one currency.

I learnt. I believe.
Less borders. More freedom = Good.

I don’t want a new Border.
Divisive in so many ways.

I believe in Democracy. I’ve always voted. It is no more a utopian solution than any other form of government.

And. This.


Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss“.


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