Where has my travelling trunk been?

I was cleaning the bedroom (yeah exciting) and actually read the label on one of the travel trunks that form my furniture.


Cunard Line. Dr & Mrs Howard. 
Ship: Carinthia.
Class: Tourist.
Date of Sailing: 20th Dec 1964.
From: Greenock.

Google calls.

The Carinthia. Built in 1956.

Thank you to the fabulous Liverpool Ships website for a detailed history.

How delighted was I to find details of the actual voyage my trunk went on (quite delighted as it happens).

The ship was sailing during Christmas day.

Here’s the programme of entertainments.

Class caption from Liverpool Ships: The somewhat lacklustre entertainments programme on the CARINTHIA for Christmas Day, 1964.

Fancy Head-Dress parade eh? Wow.

Dr & Mrs Howard travelled tourist class. Which means they could have enjoyed the excellently named smoking room The Beaver Club.

All pics, except the first one, courtesy of Liverpool Ships.

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